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Skin Cancer Checks


Australia has the highest skin cancer rate of any country in the world, with one in two Australians developing some form of skin cancer each year. Most deaths and operations caused by skin cancer are preventable with regular skin checks. A Skin Cancer Check is recommended at least once a year to help ensure that there are no changes to existing moles, and no suspicious looking moles emerging. Face Today has appointments available on Friday mornings with Dr Bruce Williamson. In between professional skin checks it is also recommended that you perform self checks at home.


How to Perform a Skin Cancer Check at Home

Try to perform a self skin cancer check every two months, or monthly if there is a history of skin cancer in the family. Set aside about 10 minutes of time so that you aren’t rushed. Make sure you have good lighting, and a full length or hand held mirror so that you can see all areas of your skin easily.

Skin Cancer Checks : What is the Cost of a Skin Cancer Check?

A standard consultation of 15 minutes with our specialist doctor is $60 – $80, these fees are generally rebatable at Medicare.

What to Look Out For?

Any marks that have appeared suddenly, or changed in size, colour, shape or texture over a few weeks or months. Dry, scaly skin and patches of skin that bleed easily or ulcerate if not treated should also be examined.

  • Using the mirrors start at the front side and check yourself head to toe; including scalp, ears, neck, chest, tummy, legs and feet.
  • To check the back of your body you will need to use the full length mirror, check the back of your ears & neck, back, buttocks, backs of thighs and calves.
  • Other area’s not to miss – tops & bottoms of feet & between toes, between thighs and genitals, armpits, between fingers, palms and tops of hands.
  • If you do this regularly you should note any changes to moles, or new moles which may appear. If you notice something that concerns you, please call us on 1300 668 573 to schedule an appointment.
Skin Cancer Checks : What Will Happen if Something Suspicious is Found?

The Doctor will talk you through any further investigations which may be necessary, as well as treatment options available to you.



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