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Permanent Filler


This Long Term Filler is ideal for those who have used dermal fillers for a long period of time and now are ready for a more permanent solution. Permanent Filler is a new generation of filler. It is a long-lasting filler where the volume of the implant is given by water not from a solid product. The cross-linked components form a real gel, which does not contain any solid microparticles. This makes it soft and uniform. It is injected under the skin where it can’t be seen or felt and remains in place permanently. Being mostly water, the body accepts the gel readily and only forms a thin membrane around the implant which helps to keep it in place; as the gel is very elastic it moves with all facial expressions.

Permanent Filler has now been used in cosmetic and plastic surgery for more than six years. Studies demonstrate that it is a safe product. Interim reports from a clinical trial started in January 2001 involving 243 patients in Europe, report no serious adverse events.

  • Deep facial lines (such as the nasolabial folds)
  • Enhancing lips
  • Replacing facial volume lost from age
  • More prominent cheek bones
  • Stronger jaw line
  • Facial deformities
  • Depressed scars


Does the material grow in size after injection?

The result obtained immediately after the injection is the visible, definitive result. Permanent Fillers requires neither under correction nor over correction.

How can you be sure that permanent filler is not harmful in the long term?

Permanent Filler has been used for aesthetic correction for more than ten years in 30,000 patients. Retrospective studies have not shown any long-term side effects, clinically and histologically. Numerous toxicological studies have been carried out on animals. They have shown that permanent filler gel implants are tolerated for long periods of time without biodegradation. Preclinical studies have not shown any cytotoxic effects, any systemic or pyrogenic effect, any effect on the blood or on enzyme activity.

Components of the gel have been used for many years in the United States and Europe for treatment of drinking water. Injection of permanent filler causes only mild reaction in the surrounding tissue which is minimal compared with reactions to other foreign bodies. This indicates that the polyacrylamide gel is well tolerated by the human body. There is no calcification, no carcinogenic effect, no inflammation and no local allergic reaction. The gel is not found in the lymph nodes. Permanent filler does not cause any allergic reaction or any other immunological effect either in animals or in humans. Permanent filler does not migrate. In fact, its high molecular weight makes migration impossible

How long do results last for?

Permanent Filler is long lasting as the product does not disappear once injected. Since the ageing of the skin continues, it may be necessary to carry out follow-up injections after a period of time, depending on a number of factors (skin structure, age etc)

How long does a treatment take?

One session, including consultation usually takes about 45mins. Treatment does not involve surgery and patients have minimal downtime afterwards.

How soon do results appear?

The results obtained using permanent filler are immediate since the gel is homogenous and does not contain any micro-particles.

What makes permanent filler unique?

Permanent filler becomes a soft and stable part of your tissue. It is non-toxic and non-allergenic; it does not disappear and does not move from the injection site making it long lasting.

Why is filler gel permanent?

Because the components forms long chains that cannot be split by the human body. No enzyme or bacterium is able to metabolise the gel. This is the reason why it remains in place at the site of injection and remains as a part of that tissue.


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