Ageing is a choice

IPL Intense Pulsed Light

  • David, Sydney

    As a hair & makeup artist I feel it is very important to present well. I have been a client of Face Today for the past 5 years. During this time I've had various treatments & been cared for by three of the most professional injectors Nicole, Cristina & wonderful Wendy.  Each person has a thorough & individual connection to their passion & skill. As I understand their craft is a very intimate role, as is mine (up close and personal) I have never felt uncomfortable in their presence and I trust the team at Face Today implicitly. So if it's a simple quick in and out treatment or something more involved. I can honestly say you are treated Like Royalty and Wendy gives the best hugs. Thank you Face Today for a fresher more confident me! I love you Gorgeous Girls more & more
  • Lauren Huxley, Sydney

    After many years of surgery I didn't feel I could improve my face. The surgeons said they had done all they could on a surgical level but thank you Face Today you have changed my life.You have made my eye and scars on my face so fantastic that people can't tell that it has been damaged.  My eye looks so symmetrical now and the scars on my face have disappeared. My confidence and self-esteem has been restored I now go out with a smile on my face. Family and friend say how great I look which means the world to me. I am still so young and will look forward to going out and enjoying my life again.
    Love Lauren Huxley x
  • Michelle, Sydney

    I have been visiting the team at Face Today for a number of years now, and would highly recommend their services. I am very impressed by their approach – which is the perfect balance of professionalism and caring. At Face Today, they are always up to date with the very latest technologies, and provide a rounded service where they continually evolve in terms of the breadth of services offered, illustrating how closely they listen to and understand their customer’s needs. A visit to Face Today is a truly transformational experience.”