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The Male Tweak

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Male Tweak
Non-surgical cosmetic treatment options for men are now better than ever, Nicki Belle of Face Today tells DNA.
The ageing process affects us all and how we physically present to the world influences our self-esteem and confidence.  The male face is based on strength and straight lines.  Some of the signs of ageing in a man’s face are associated with maturity, accomplishment and refinement – characteristics that are well received by society.  So most men want to be discreet about their tweaks and don’t want to look noticeably different afterwards.  Using “The Face Today Pack For All Mankind”, the following can be achieved…
1.    CHEEKS.   As we age we lose facial volume.  This can leave us looking gaunt or drawn.  The fat pads in the cheeks can be restored with dermal filler to create a healthier look.  “We’ve noticed an increase in the request for this treatment among our male clients” says Nicki Belle of Face Today Medi Clinic.  “Non-surgical cheek enhancement is ideal for men who want more balance in their features and is great if you’ve lost weight.”
2.    CHIN.  Unfortunately, not all of us are born with a strong chin or a straight, angular jaw.  Luckily, there are non-surgical ways to enhance a weak chin with dermal fillers.  Anti-wrinkle injections can also smooth out creases that have been etched in over time.
3.    EYES.  “Natural and undetected is the key when it comes to treatments around men’s eyes,” says Nicki.  “This is one area we don’t want to smooth out too much.”  Anti-Wrinkle can be used around crow’s feet to help smooth and diminish lines while dermal fillers can address the hooding, caused by the erosion of the brow bone that creates a tired look.
4.    FOREHEAD.  Years of expression, etched on your forehead, can leave you with a serious, weary look.  Many men want to refresh this area while maintaining a masculine appearance and movement.  Anti-Wrinkle injections can soften and rebalance the largest muscle on your face.  
5.    JAW LINE.  A strong jaw line is considered attractive and adds masculinity to the male face.  Non-surgical jaw restoration with a dermal filler  can create a structured, angular jaw line that looks natural and lasts from 12-18 months.
6.    LIPS.  Lip restoration – on men this must be done naturally and subtly.  “It’s all about retaining the lips you had in your youth” says Nicki.  “By injecting dermal filler we can add volume and reshape in a natural way.”
7.    NOSE.  Bumps, dips and slight imperfections can now all be corrected with non-surgical Rhinoplasty.  Noses can be straightened or enhanced with Dermal filler or Radiesse.
8.    ORBITAL RIMS.  Hollowness around the eyes can be hereditary or can be a sign of tiredness or ageing.  Hollows can be filled for instant results.  It’s a simple procedure that can take years off, leaving you looking more refreshed and rested.
9.    T  BROW.  The T Brow is the strength of the male face: the straight nose and the straight, flat brow.  With age, the brow can start to droop at the edges but this can be addressed with Dermal filler, regaining a strong projection with a reinforced lateral brow.
10.    TEMPLES.  The temples are often overlooked yet, by returning volume and shape to this area with a dermal filler, a youthful facial frame can be restored.  Once corrected, the benefits here can be instant and satisfying.

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