Ageing is a choice


  • Dee, Sydney

    I have been coming to Face Today for several years and have always been thrilled with the treatment and results I have got with Nicky. Here's to looking good!
  • Belinda, Sydney

    I have been coming to FT for 7 years, and in that time have come to see Nicki as my fairy godmother. Not once have I been disappointed with the service and treatment by any of the staff at FT and I always look forward to my visits. Not only because I am going to look 5 years younger in less than 30 minutes, but because I enjoy sharing the latest and greatest ‘beauty secrets with the girls ‘in the know’. Although FT is not local for me, I just wouldn’t trust anyone else with my face.
  • Beverly, Cairns

    I walked into face today cairns a very sad and unhappy lady. However, one month after a treatment of photodynamic therapy (ala and ipl) i have received so many compliments from people who have known me a long time. They cannot recall ever seeing my face so clear and fresh. Having suffered for years with rosacea and the worst uv sun damage possible, I can honestly say i’m now a very happy bunny. please believe me when I say they are the most caring and nurturing ladies. Once you are in the clinic you feel as though you are the only person in the world to them, you are the only one that counts. plus i have seen them with other clients and we are all treated the same. I have also had dermal fillers in my lips which makes me the happiest 67 year old in cairns.
  • Christine Huxley, Sydney

    Thank you to Face today for changing my life you have restored my self-esteem and confidence after many years of emotional stress. My family and friends have complimented me on how well and young I look .Looking good on the outside makes you feel good on the inside and it shows. Face Today has put the beauty back into my world.
    Love Christine Huxley x